Fix for low/weak/poor wifi signal en Redmi Note 3 PRO (Kenzo)(SD)

Okay, since many people are having this problem lately, i will show the solution that worked for me and for others around the web. My wifi range suddenly was reduced and I still don’t know why. If you are having the same problem, you should try this procedure. I dont have a Mediatek(KATE) version to test, so if someone can do the procedure and report back, I would appreciate. On XDA I saw bar4’s guide:

Originally Posted by bar4 i hope you already solved the problem, but if not, try this out, it work for me at least now my redmi note 3 wifi keep connect and the signal increase, first open your phone back cover (you can use thick material such as guitar pick) then at the top remove 4 screws (one screw is hidden in the back of small mi sticker) then remove the black small cover, there at two contact point put something (for me i use aluminium foil, i take it from coaxial antena cable, cut small square or so put in there) that’s it put it back, try to test it first before you put the cover back because a little bit hard to open the cover though. goodluck….

But in the pictures, he glues the aluminum foil to the wrong side of the piece. The correct was to do the following:

  1. Open the back cover;
  2. Remove the 4 screws on the top piece shown in the pictures;
  3. Cut some aluminum paper or foil in a size that cover the two grey contacts and place it above them with a dot of scholar glue; (Pay attention to the side of the piece)
  4. Put the top piece back on its place and insert the screws.
  5. Do some testing

*See the pictures

Consider we are looking the smartphone from the back. The problem I had with bar4’s guide was that he glued the aluminum to the right side contacts, while he should have glued it to the left side.

Other possibilities are that the continuity between contacts was broken(in my case, on the left side) by a fall. Before doing the procedure, check the continuity between each pair of contacts on the top pieces. If the current is not going through, you’ve found the problem. Maybe bar4 had the right side broken.

Spread it out.