Fix for laggy KWin when pausing and restarting Compositor

In my Optimus Laptop with an NVIDIA 1050TI, if I plug an external monitor and restart compositor, KWin gets very laggy, redenring it unusable. In order to partially fix that, go to Desktop Effects settings and turn on Background contrast. Unplug the monitor, turn compositor ON and replug the external monitor. This solves the problem… read more »

Patch firmware of QCA6174 Wireless Card to accept packet injection and monitoring

This was tested and works on an XPS 15 9560 and Dell Gaming 15 – 7567 with QCA6174 STEPS:1- Download https://github.com/kvalo/ath10k-firmware/blob/master/QCA6174/hw3.0/4.4.1.c3/firmware-6.bin_WLAN.RM.4.4.1.c3-00059 2- Make a copy of /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA6174/hw3.0/firmware-6.bin 3- Change downloaded file name, permissions(chmod), owner(chown) and group(chgrp) to match the original firmware-6.bin 4- Run this (replace wlp2s0 with your interface name):Code: [Select]sudo airmon-ng stop wlp2s0 && sudo airmon-ng… read more »